90+ Point Wines from Rogue Valley Wine Country

We’re so proud of our talented, creative, collaborative, and welcoming Rogue Valley winemakers for the well-deserved raves they received from Wine Enthusiast’s Michael Alberty, published in 2023. Not only did 38 wines get 90+ ratings but 14 also received Best Buy ratings, while another 10 got nods for Editor’s Choice; and 2 were dubbed Cellar Select wines for their structure and expected longevity. You must check out these amazing wines before they disappear.

95-94 Points

Peter William 2021 Daisy Creek Vineyard Viognier (Rogue Valley)
95 Points | $24.00 Editors' Choice
This superb Viognier presents rich, ripe fruit aromas and flavors without appearing cloying or thick as a brick. It begins with brisk aromas as though you crossed a lemon granita with a glass of iced jasmine green tea. The flavors run from honeydew melon and white peach to pink grapefruit and orange Dreamsicle. What is really surprising is the wine's brisk, energizing acidity. This Viognier ticks all the right boxes. — Michael Alberty

Quady North 2018 Flagship Syrah (Applegate Valley)
94 Points | $75.00 Cellar Selection
This concentrated beauty takes your breath away. It has rich, thick black-and blueberry aromas and flavors backed by the sturdiest tannins this side of a leather goods store. Sweetpea flowers and chalk dust make aromatic appearances, while espresso shots complement the wine's dark-fruit flavors. Enjoy now–2033. — Michael Alberty

93 Points

Cliff Creek 2017 Claret Sam's Valley Vineyard Red (Rogue Valley)
93 Points | $32.00 Editors' Choice
40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Cabernet Franc, 20% Merlot and 100% tasty. The medium-bodied wine's brambly raspberry, orange peel, straw and lemongrass aromas are like a beautiful perfume. The flavors of black cherries, Earl Grey tea and cedar are equally enticing. A viscous mouthfeel, with brisk acidity and velvety tannins. — Michael Alberty

Del Rio 2022 Grenache Rosé (Rogue Valley)
93 Points | $18.00 Best Buy
I'm a sucker for a light-bodied, high acid rosé made with Grenache - this is one of them. It is one giant, juicy peach, joined by aromas and flavors of lemon peel, rose petals and red raspberries. Each icy sip conjures memories of summer evenings past. — Michael Alberty

Padigan 2020 Estate Reserve Viognier (Rogue Valley)
93 Points | $46.00 Editors' Choice
This Condrieu-like floor show begins with creamy butter and toasted filberts aromas taking the olfactory system by storm. Little touches of lemon basil and apricot flutter in the background. The wine's texture is just as creamy, with flavors of peach, apricot jam and cardamom, with just enough acidity. — Michael Alberty

Quady North 2020 Layne Vineyard Chardonnay (Applegate Valley)
93 Points | $35.00 Editors' Choice
This superb Chardonnay honors the 50-year-old vineyard from which it hails. The lime sorbet, lemon zest and fresh-baked sourdough aromas are worth the price of admission. The mouthfeel is crisp, with electrifying acidity and flavors such as sweet red grapefruit, almonds, pine needles and lemon drops. — Michael Alberty

92 Points

Cliff Creek 2020 Red Red Wine (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $18.00 Best Buy
This is a confounding Syrah-Tempranillo-Sangiovese-Zinfandel blend that manages to be delicate and restrained at 14.5% ABV. It's also excellent, with aromas and flavors of cranberries, lingonberries, jasmine and Red Zinger tea. Everything from fruit to acidity is balanced. — Michael Alberty

Dancin 2020 Setti Pezzi Estate Pinot Noir (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $45.00 Editors' Choice
The wine's perfumed floral aromas suggest a Rose Bowl float covered in citrusy Lady Emma Hamilton roses and spicy Stargazer lilies. The fruit aroma is a dark raspberry or cherry, along with a touch of clove and the white powder you find on bubblegum. The wine's viscous mouthfeel feels downright slippery, with flavors of black cherry, coconut and orange peel. The tannins are pronounced but the wine's mouth-watering acidity steals the show. — Michael Alberty

Del Rio 2021 Estate Grown Viognier (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $20.00 Best Buy
Beautiful orange creamsicle and spicy white azalea aromas set the stage for a palate filled with flavors of melon, lemon, honey and zucchini bread. The wine's crisp mouthfeel and elevated acidity are more than a match for all of this fruit. — Michael Alberty

Foris 2022 Pinot Blanc (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $17.00 Best Buy
What I love about his Pinot Blanc its ability to combine a bit of body with blazing acidity. Mandarin orange, grilled peach and hyacinth aromas win you over before the first sip. The wine's icy crisp texture showcases flavors of kiwi, rosemary and the banana esters that I love in my favorite hefeweizens. — Michael Alberty

Long Walk 2021 Field Notes Long Walk Vineyard Red (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $30.00 Cellar Selection
It's hard to beat aromas like brambly red cherries drizzled over vanilla gelato. The palate shifts gears to raspberry fruit leather, smoke cherries, orange pekoe tea and cinnamon spice flavors. The medium-bodied Grenache-driven blend's texture is chewy and its tannins are brawny. Enjoy now until 2032. — Michael Alberty

Long Walk 2021 Long Walk Vineyard Carignane (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $40.00
Satsuma plum, lavender, chalkboard dust and red velvet cake aromas are head turners. Then we get blueberry sorbet, rhubarb pie and cedar flavors. I'm also smitten by the wine's combination of muscular tannins and searing acidity. The Carignane grape appears to love the Rogue Valley. — Michael Alberty

Long Walk 2022 Long Walk Vineyard Cinsault Rosé (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $23.00
Oregon Cinsault is rare enough, but in rosé form it is as rare as a Kansas City Royals trip to the World Series. This rare treat features aromas of dried strawberries, kumquats and lemon drop hard candies. Flavors like persimmon, white tea and Meyer lemons are accompanied by lively acidity. — Michael Alberty

Padigan 2022 Sauvignon Blanc (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $26.00 Editors' Choice
Each sniff of this wine is a trip to the ice cream truck. First there's pineapple push-ups. Then a mango popsicle. Those aromas are followed by a hint of lemon basil shaved ice. Lemon Verbena and chamomile flavors join with blazing acidity for one crisp treat. Fish tacos, just saying. — Michael Alberty

Padigan 2022 Grenache Rosé (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $18.00 Best Buy
I would like to spend the summer with this wine. It smells like tangerines, strawberries and lemon surf wax. The flavors are a fantastic mix of rhubarb pie, raspberry-flavored Kool-Aid powder - before adding sugar - and a touch of roasted pork shoulder and thyme. Cowabunga. — Michael Alberty

Plaisance Ranch 2018 Papa Joe's Private Stash Syrah (Applegate Valley)
92 Points | $35.00 Editors' Choice
The wine's blackberry aromas almost literally fill the room, supported by notes of white pepper, roasted pork shoulder, applesauce and talc. More blackberries on the palate, with powerful bursts of cedar bark and espresso. The wine delivers a plush mouthfeel, with integrated tannins and modest acidity. A joy to drink. — Michael Alberty

Quady North 2022 GSM Rosé (Rogue Valley)
92 Points | $17.00 Best Buy
This Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre delivers a whole lot of flavor for such a modest asking price. Cantaloupe and pineapple aromas are matched by a beautiful white chalk dipped in Strawberry juice combination. Nectarines rule the creamy palate, along with saline and basil flavors. — Michael Alberty

91 Points

Foris 2022 Pinot Gris (Rogue Valley)
91 Points | $17.00 Best Buy
This lively Pinot Gris is light on body but long on flavor and acidity. Its blood orange juice, crushed chalk and peach-flavored gummy bear aromas are fun and frisky. The wine's texture is clean and crisp, with more peach flavor and burst of ginger and lemon basil. — Michael Alberty

Foris 2021 Estate Pinot Noir (Rogue Valley)
91 Points | $22.00
If you are in need of a well-priced pinot packed with acidity, this Southern Oregon treat is for you. A rich blackberry aroma is matched with notes of pine needles and periwinkle flowers. The crisp palate hosts pears, raspberries and green tea flavors, all driven by juicy, lemony acidity. — Michael Alberty

Long Walk 2019 Long Walk Vineyard Carignane (Rogue Valley)
91 Points | $38.00 Editors' Choice
Blackcap raspberries and pluots make a beautiful team on the nose, along with notes of beeswax, oregano, star anise and black pepper. The wines velvety mouthfeel and tannins make it awfully easy to take sip after sip. Flavors like almost ripe nectarines and sweet Chelan cherries are bolstered by brisk acidity and a distinct Sumatran coffee note on the finish. This gem of a Carignane aged for 11 months in French oak, 25% new. — Michael Alberty

Padigan 2020 Tempranillo (Rogue Valley)
91 Points | $32.00
This Tempranillo has the kind of zippy acidity that gives you thrills and goosebumps. It fuels a crisp texture and illuminates red cherry, lime zest and green tea flavors. The wine's nose is earthy, with blackberries and oregano mixing with loam and pipe tobacco aromas. — Michael Alberty

Quady North 2020 La Battalla Cabernet Franc-Malbec (Rogue Valley)
91 Points | $22.00 Editors' Choice
This wine is food-friendly Cabernet Franc-driven fun - easy and light, with soft tannins and bright acidity. Aromas and flavors of boysenberries, blackcap raspberries, lemon zest and cedar glide over the palate. Pouring this wine with a Cubano sandwich will make you see Bacchus. — Michael Alberty

Quady North 2020 GSM Red (Rogue Valley)
91 Points | $25.00 Editors' Choice
Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre unite to fashion a medium-bodied wine with mouth-drying tannins and a lot of character. Boysenberry and bacon fat aromas mingle with violets and a sweet herbaceous quality similar to tansy. A seductive note of maple-cured bacon graces the wine's dark raspberry and blueberry flavors. — Michael Alberty

Quady North 2020 Steel Ox Viognier (Applegate Valley)
91 Points | $25.00
Peaches battle honeydew melons for aromatic supremacy in a battle in which everybody wins. This is a Viognier on the brisk side, with a crisp mouthfeel and somewhat zippy acidity. Look for flavors of Golden Delicious apples, grilled lemon slices and a trace of juniper berries. — Michael Alberty

Valley View 2019 Viognier (Applegate Valley)
91 Points | $20.00 Best Buy
This is one of the best Oregon white wine values I've stumbled across in recent memory. The lychee, coconut and fresh rose-petal aromas are textbook and inviting. The mouthfeel is delightfully viscous, with rich flavors of white peaches, candied grapefruit peel and a trace of blood orange. Don't worry, the wine is dry with plenty of acidity. 100% stainless steel, this wine never touched oak. — Michael Alberty

90 Points

Del Rio 2021 Estate Pinot Noir (Rogue Valley)
90 Points | $28.00
Pinot Noir is the most widely planted red wine grape variety in southern Oregon and this wine justifies that fact. It has this wonderful blueberries coated in dark chocolate aroma that is joined by traces of pine needles and orange peel. Flavors include raspberry and basil. The tannins are a bit chewy still. — Michael Alberty

Foris 2022 Dry Gewurztraminer (Rogue Valley)
90 Points | $15.00 Best Buy
Lime, lemon verbena and mandarin orange aromas are accompanied by an interesting yeasty baked good note. The other surprise is the wine's body and fuller mouthfeel. Tangerine sorbet and lemon basil flavors surround a savory note that is close to seared scallops. Lively acidity. — Michael Alberty

Foris 2022 Pinot Noir Rosé (Rogue Valley)
90 Points | $17.00 Best Buy
This rosé is a tale of two pinks. Tropical-themed aromas of guava, coconut and lychee bubble tea lead off. Then comes the orchard fruit flavors like Bosc pear and peach. The wine's brisk acidity and lemon verbena tea note on the finish are a perfect match. — Michael Alberty

Jolee NV Pinot Gris (Rogue Valley)
90 Points | $14.00 Best Buy
A semi-sparkling Pinot Gris that tiptoes up to the edge of off-dry is not an every day encounter. Jolee's aromatics include lemon drop hard candies and sweet, juicy donut peaches. The fizz is mild, but so is the acidity. Those little bubbles deliver plenty of lemonade and lychee flavors. — Michael Alberty

Long Walk 2020 Long Walk Vineyard Syrah (Rogue Valley)
90 Points | $30.00
Orange blossoms bring their citrus, jasmine and honey notes to the aromatic table, where they are joined by dark raspberry and cinnamon spice notes. Tart cherry and lemon flavors tango with black tea and clove notes. Powerful, leathery tannins suggest decanting for now. — Michael Alberty

Padigan 2020 Estate Reserve Malbec (Rogue Valley)
90 Points | $49.00
Dark raspberry and ripe black cherry aromas are joined by notes of tobacco leaf and pulled pork carnitas. The wine has some body to it, feeling full and round in the mouth. Fine-grained tannins support mouth-filling flavors of cranberries and lemon citrus. — Michael Alberty

Peter William 2020 Extravagance Peter William Vineyard Syrah-Tempranillo (Rogue Valley)
90 Points | $42.00
This is a 50-50 Syrah-Tempranillo blend where the Syrah is co-fermented with 3% Viognier. It is packed with concentrated blackberry and balsamic aromas and flavors. The tiniest notes of orange blossom and lemon add contrast, and the wine's thick texture is matched with grippy tannins. — Michael Alberty

Plaisance Ranch 2021 Ginet Wava's Pick Rosé (Applegate Valley)
90 Points | $20.00 Best Buy
What a fantastic rosé value for a mere 20 bucks. Fruit aromas of grilled watermelon and red raspberries meld seamlessly with bright lemon citrus and gardenia notes. The wine feels fresh and brisk in the mouth, with equally invigorating flavors such as an icy peach granita, apricots, lemon drops and touches saline and spearmint. Even if it's snowing where you are, pour a glass of Wava's Pick and remember summer. — Michael Alberty

Quady North 2016 Layne Vineyard Merlot (Applegate Valley)
90 Points | $42.00 Editors' Choice
It's an honor to taste a wine made with fruit from mature vines planted by the late southern Oregon wine pioneer Roger Layne and his wife Barrie. The tannins of this lighter-bodied Merlot are integrated and gentle acidity brings flavors like tart cherry, orange slices and English breakfast tea to life. — Michael Alberty

Quady North 2016 Arsenal Red (Rogue Valley)
90 Points | $40.00
This Cabernet Franc-Merlot-Malbec blend, with its integrated tannins and electric acidity, is in a great place right now. The wine's aromas are a heady combination of black cherries, violets and crushed brick dust. The lighter-bodied blend has a tangy, juicy mouthfeel, with dark raspberry and roasted pork flavors that last a good while. — Michael Alberty

Schultz 2018 Rock Glory Oaks Vineyard Tempranillo (Applegate Valley)
90 Points | $32.00
Each swirl of the glass produces sweet cherry sorbet, bittersweet dark chocolate, balsa wood and baby-powder aromas. Integrated tannins and mouth-puckering acidity go along with flavors of tart red raspberries and cranberries, with traces of tobacco and lemon zest. — Michael Alberty