Sound & Vision Opens New Talent Tasting Room
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For Joe Chepolis and Carmen Nydegger of Sound & Vision Wine Co., having their own tasting room was never really in the plans. "Oh God, no," says Chepolis, "if you would have told me in 2018 when we started Sound & Vision, hell, if you told me in 2016 when we moved here that I was going to go from managing the Quady North tasting room to moving into our facility to make our wine and sell wine, I would have called you insane. But here we are.” This is just a couple days before their tasting room's grand opening. “He’s right. If you told us when we were moving out here or before, this is where we would be now, I would have laughed at you. It just seemed too big. We sort of followed that dream in small increments," Nydegger says.


Following that dream landed them in the Simple Machine tasting room and winery in Talent. Chepolis says he's known the previous owners for years and when the space came up for sale, he asked if they'd be interested in leasing it to them and eventually, it all just worked out. “If opportunities jump up then you, you gotta say yes. Mildly terrifying as it might be, gotta jump on it. And that’s what we did," says Chepolis. While they're looking to purchase some new fermentations vessels at some point, the winery part of this operation was good to go when they moved in. They spent a lot of time in the tasting room. "A ton of work. The tasting room was essentially a shell, all the furniture, all the design, all what we put together. Joe built this lovely bar and the tables and the benches. I helped a little bit," laughs Nydegger. They'll offer two flights on the tasting menu - an everyday flight and then a reserve winemaker selection flight.
“We have kind of a wild food menu. We’re still working with Melodie at the Oregon Cheese Cave for our cheese sources, working with Olympia Provisions for our charcuterie plates. We’re working with Philippe the baker now, so we’ll have some bread. We’ll have a mortadella picnic sandwich, we’ll have caviar and chips and we’re doing an array of tinned fish plates," says Nydegger. Chepolis left a job at Barrel 42, making wine for several of the custom crush facility's clients and he's most excited to be focusing solely on his own wine, and giving more attention to the three different vineyards they're looking after. While they're both a bit overwhelmed and nervous, they believe they're in the right place at the right time. “Just saying yes to stuff. I mean it’s terrifying, but just jump.” [Visit Sound & Vision >](